What Is Instagram Archives?

As Instagram does not allow saving posts or stories, this method is the only practical way to keep all your old content. The archive typically contains non-ephemeral media (i.e. images and videos that are no longer posted on Insta by their respective accounts) that is collected in an automated manner directly from Instagram’s servers. You can download everything at once via special computer programs (bots) or access the archive file online using a browser.

The main advantage of using archives is their accessibility: it’s much faster to search for specific hashtags or accounts than scrolling through an endless list of likes or followers. Another perk is easier management: you can delete archived media either manually, which requires quite a bit of time, or by using computer scripts, which can be set up to delete or unhide posts automatically. Depending on your needs, you may check the list of compatible bots in this article .

Instagram Archives: Benefits and Disadvantages

The main drawback is that it’s very easy for Instagram to block such automation, shutting down access to user files within a few days after an IP gets blacklisted. However, archives are still accessible if backup copies remain online; this could happen if someone else discovered and shared them (we will discuss their legality and ethics later).  

Another problem is that there’s no way to see when a post was uploaded: because it doesn’t have any time stamps attached, an archive file contains all media posted on a particular account on a specific day, regardless of how many seconds it was online. While this is great for keeping all content, it’s more difficult to estimate the relative age of individual posts as compared to those from accounts that post regularly.

Why Should You Use an Instagram Archive?

The main purpose of using an archive is to collect as much media as possible from your favorite accounts before they get deleted or removed from public access. This way you can download them once and keep them forever, which allows easier management and gives you a chance to find long-lost photos and videos that were initially posted privately or not shared at all.

How Does Instagram Archives Work?

Archived media are collected by special software running on powerful servers. As automation is required to download large number of posts, this method is considered illegal by Instagram; the company regularly blocks IP addresses hosting various archives, forcing bots to use proxies (substitutes for an original IP) in order to remain online.

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