Is It Safe To Share Everything On Instagram?

Instagram is one of the most popular social media networks on the planet. And it’s no wonder considering how engaging and fun Instagram is, with over a billion users sharing a variety of photos.

We love Instagram! We’ve been helping people share their content from the web to Instagram since 2012, and have been growing ever since. In fact, naturally as a result of our success on Instagram we’re often asked questions about the safety of sharing on Instagram in general – what are the risks if we repost images, links and videos? Are we safe using this app? What happens if someone copies my photos? How do I protect myself? etc etc…

Instagram: A Safe Social Media Network For Sharing Photos & Videos?

Instagram is designed to be a safe social media network for users to share photos & videos. There are several safeguards in place, including Instagram’s great Terms of Use which warn people not to post nudity or anything that could result in harassment. These are sensible rules that are followed by the majority of Instagram users.

However, sharing on ANY social media platform always carries some risks – there are people out there who love nothing more than causing trouble, and social networks provide the perfect playgrounds for them…

So it’s important you understand how to protect yourself on Instagram , what the risks might be if you repost images or other content, and how “influencers” can stop their photos being stolen & shared without permission. To answer these questions, we’ve broken this article down into four key areas:

Section 1: How Does Instagram Work?

Section 2: What Happens If You Repost Photos Without Attribution?

Section 3: How To Report Copyright Infringements & Stop Image Theft   

Section 4: The Best Ways To Protect Yourself On Instagram

Let’s start with a bit of background…

What Is Influencer Marketing and Why Is It So Successful?

If you don’t know already, influencer marketing is basically where brands or companies tap into the power of social media stars to promote their products. This could be anything from fashion brands working with popular bloggers to cosmetics companies enlisting beauty gurus.

Influencers have built up huge followings on social media, and tapping into this power can be a very successful marketing strategy for brands. However, if influencers don’t protect themselves or their images then they may lose control over who uses them and how, and hackers could even take advantage of the situation to leak private images online.

Influencer marketing is big business…

The stats speak for themselves: by 2021 it’s estimated that influencer marketing will become a $10 billion industry . It sounds like an exciting time to get into blogging or social media management right? Well, as we explain below – there are many risks involved in sharing on Instagram too!

Instagram: The Biggest Social Network For Sharing Photos & Videos

So we all know about Facebook (1.8 billion users), Twitter (330 million users), Pinterest (250 million users) and LinkedIn (500 million users). But what about Instagram?

Instagram is owned by Facebook, which means that all of your friends who are on Facebook will also be on Instagram too. This makes it one of the biggest social networks for sharing photos & videos! It’s HUGE…

And it’s not just influential individuals like bloggers or photographers enjoying huge levels of engagement either – there are over 100 MILLION businesses now using Instagram .

Because of its success, Instagram has become a magnet for hackers looking to exploit people’s personal information. They want us to make easy money selling our data, giving them access to our bank accounts etc…

The risks are real! There have been a number of high profile Instagram hacks already.

In 2013 , a hacker was able to access private photos and videos from accounts belonging to celebrities including Selena Gomez, Miley Cyrus & Vanessa Hudgens . Details of the incident weren’t made public but it sounds serious – and such incidents could become more common as hackers become increasingly sophisticated.

Hackers who want to cause trouble may also be tempted to steal your username and associate themselves with your account – or even hijack your email address so they can request password resets on other websites too! This isn’t just about protecting images either – there are plenty of ways bad guys can use this information for their own gain:

• The obvious one is identity theft – by stealing your username they’ve got direct access to your Facebook and other social media accounts.

• A hacker could also set up a new Instagram account using your details (username & email address) and start sharing content which looks like it’s from you!

• Your personal information is valuable – if criminals can associate it with an Instagram account, they could potentially use this data to make money by selling it on the dark web .

Let’s wrap things up for now…

That covers some of the basics around influencers and influencer marketing. We’ve also shown how many people are actually affected by Instagram hacks too, not just high profile celebrities or big brands.

So we’ve made two points:

1) that influencers are increasingly at risk online ,

2) we should consider the risks when making decisions about sharing on Instagram too.

If you’re thinking of becoming an influencer or working with an influencer then protecting your reputation and preventing exposure to identity theft is CRITICAL! Even if you’re not massively active online, it still pays to take precautions – this isn’t just about keeping yourself safe either, it’s important that you protect anyone who has access to your account too.

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