How To Become Famous On Instagram ?

Are you looking forward to How To Become Famous On Instagram ? Do you want to become famous on Instagram by using the contents which contain any kind of copyright? Or are you thinking of starting a new account with your own original photos? Then, whether it is about copyright or creation, all your questions will be answered in this article. But firstly I would like to mention that if anybody ever asked me how do I get more followers on Instagram, then one thing I always say is that…

“If you have high-quality content and focus on engagement & follow-backs , then automatically people will follow your profile. If your content is interesting enough for them, they’ll click on the ‘follow’ button.”

As an Instagram user, I have been through several ups and downs. From being a newbie, to becoming a content creator and from that point to receiving thousands of followers on Instagram; everything is quite interesting. So, let’s go through my personal story which will not only help you in knowing about me but also answer some of your queries like…

How To Become Famous On Instagram?

So, there was once when I had 0 followers on Instagram (back in 2014). Yeah! You read it right; zero followers. After reading an article about ‘Internet Marketing’ I realized one thing- the secret of online marketing is ‘content’. As time passed by, my passion towards writing grew bigger. Henceforth, instead of tweeting articles now I started writing for my blog.

In that time, I wrote several articles but there was no place to publish them. So, in order to get the desired exposure of my content I started a WordPress account and established a blog called ‘The Tech Savvy’. Later on, when I published one article about Google Webmasters then people really liked it and from that point my journey towards online marketing began. To be honest, at first, I had no idea what SEO or SMM is . It wasn’t until later when I came to know that without implementing SEO & SMM you can’t increase your rankings on search engines like Google, Bing , etc.

After some time, while surfing on the internet I stumbled upon an article through which an online platform called ‘GPC’ caught my interest. Here users can complete micro tasks online and can earn money. At first, I used it as a side income because the minimum payout was $10 which seemed quite high for me.

At that time, my articles got published on several big websites like CrowdCurity , KillerStartups , etc; but still there were no signs of money! So, after completing some micro tasks at GPC I decided to play games (my favorite pastime) but unfortunately, I didn’t win any prize even after trying for several days. Later on when signing up for GPC, they suggested me to refer others and if anybody registers through your link then you’ll get the referral bonus. I thought it was a good idea and made a blog post about GPC. As I expected, people really liked my article as many of them commented on it.

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